Celebrating The Heart Of Devaughn 1982-2001​

Darling Heart to Heart Award

Darling Heart to Heart Award© – Criteria

The As One Foundation honors outstanding citizens of the Houston area for the heartfelt positive impact they make on the community – especially in the areas of Education, Athletics and Spiritual Enrichment.

Although a “heart to heart” is described as an honest, non-public conversation usually between friends, the Darling Heart to Heart Award© is a deliberate and public recognition of the day-to-day greatness of an individual who has a demonstrated HEART for the community. They use what they have to make the world a better place. Their actions inspire a dialog for change – inviting many to the conversation of opportunity.

The following general criteria applies:

  • They lead by example in one or more of the As One Foundation’s core value areas of Education, Athletics and Spiritual Enrichment
  • They have met tragedy with triumphant results – great or small.
  • Their actions and presence makes someone or something better.
  • They embrace diversity of all forms.
  • They encourage others to have a vision and to achieve their dreams.

All of the above describe the inspiration of the As One Foundation – Devaughn Darling, whose life ended much too soon but his legacy extends well beyond his years. Devaughn, the identical twin of the As One Foundation President & Founder, Devard Darling, was a great person with a giving heart who made everyone feel special. He was respectful and hard-working but was ever-so approachable. As young boys, he and his brother shared a dream to give back to young people. That goal is perpetually fulfilled, despite his loss, through every person impacted by the activities and programs of the As One Foundation.

EVERYONE is welcomed to The As One Foundation’s Heart to Heart.