Celebrating The Heart Of Devaughn 1982-2001​

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It is my prayer that my story, my passion, and my drive will lead you to support the As One Foundation.  We know it will take the efforts of many individuals and entities to make this happen.  But I know with the Lord’s divine hand guiding our vision, the programs and projects of the organization will flourish.  Thank you in advance of your donation and thoughtful support.
— Devard Darling

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Zelle: info@AsOneFoundation.org

A Note about PayPal Fees

The As One Foundation is charged a fee on every PayPal transaction. That means that at least part of your donation is used to pay these administrative costs.

For DOMESTIC Donations
We pay 2.2 % of the donation amount + $.30 cents per transaction
Your $100/$1000 donation nets $97.50/$977.70 after fees

We pay 3.2% of the donation amount + $.30 cents per transaction
Your $100/$1000 transaction nets $96.50/$967.70 after fees

Adding just a small amount to your donation can ensure that your intended gift is used fully towards our non-profit programs.

And remember that your total donation – be it $102.50 or $1032.30 – is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. It is a small difference for you, but a huge advantage for the As One Foundation.

Thank you.