Celebrating The Heart Of Devaughn 1982-2001​

Meet Ms. Wendy

Ms WendyDevard and Devaughn’s mom, Ms. Wendy, with Frank Rutherford.

February 2011 will mark the tenth anniversary of Devaughn’s death. I miss my son everyday as I continue to make sure he’s never forgotten.

I didn’t know I was carrying twins. My doctor had been hearing two hearts beating AS ONE. The doctor was surprised to see Devaughn’s hand grasping Devard’s ankle as Devard was being delivered. I choose to believe it was his first demonstration of them being inseparable.

Even death could not separate them. Devard carries Devaughn in his heart daily and says he will not forget what they talked about, dreamed and planned together back in Bahamas. Once we moved to America when they were 12 years old, their dreams just got bigger. When they started playing Texas football, their dreams and goals got even bigger. When they were recruited and signed at FSU their goals became even more attainable. That’s why Devard refused to accept the doctors telling him he would never play football again. It was their dream and Devard was left here to fulfill it. Washington State was a big step in their dream to get to the NFL.

Once Devard, was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens, he knew what he had to do. The As One Foundation had to be formed because he could now afford to do what he and his brother always wanted to do – give back to the Bahamas. I’m so proud of Devard’s work through this foundation … but the work has only begun.

This coming February will mark the tenth anniversary of Devaughn’s death. I miss my son everyday as I continue to make sure he’s never forgotten. As much as I have made peace with the loss of my son, I have very specific intentions to have fulfilled during this monumental year. Specifically I wish to finally receive the remaining $1.8 million settlement we were promised ten years ago. That money will go toward the construction of a state-of-the art indoor athletic facility in Devaughn’s name in our home country of Nassau, Bahamas.

I would also like to know that no other parent will ever have to suffer the loss of their child by way of death on an athletic field, track or court. So I pray for the growth of the foundation’s death prevention through sickle cell awareness and hydration promotion project. It will save lives and ensure that Devaughn’s death was not in vain.

I hope I’ve said something to awaken your desire to give to the As One Foundation. I believe in my son and the work of his foundation and I trust you’ll help support this great cause.

Frank Rutherford is Ms. Wendy’s nephew and Devard’s cousin. He is a Bahamian Track and Field Olympic Medalist, and runs the Rutherford Foundation.